Sunday, September 3, 2017

FLOW: the love beat beneath the dominant melody

I really love Pam Grout's vision & inspiring blogposts 
She has a nice way of explaining her vision about life, love & how the universe works. I did some of her do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

The best way to rule the kingdom of my mind

I can always look for the love beat beneath the dominant melody. 
And create something that does not yet exist. Instead aligning with despair and disstress.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you.”
― Horace

There are situations in which I align myself with the drama and despair. And then I will only see more reasons for drama. Because of my dominant focus I will find matches all over again. Until I change my beliefs and I ask myself:

And what else it true?
Which underlying love story is there?

These are really good questions to focus on love & find it. To see (unconditional) love everywhere.
To find ways to share it. 

Once aligned with love, people will see it everywhere over & over again. 
Alignment with love & experience synchronicity.

Pam's original blogpost:

Each of us is in charge of the kingdom of our minds.
Right now, there are a lot of crazy people circling the kingdom walls shouting “the sky is falling.” And plenty of town criers preaching despair. There’s even an airplane flying overhead with a banner: “Danger, danger. Take cover.”

But there’s also a dot, dot AND. There’s also a bigger story going on.

Which is why in the kingdom of my mind, I frequently pose this question: “

But what else is true?”

Even in Houston right now, there are neighbors helping neighbors. People opening their homes. Volunteers and supplies pouring in. 

If you look for it, there is always an underlying love story.

My mind is sometimes lazy and lets its kingdom fall prey to anguish. It’s a scary rabbit hole to fall into. In that kingdom’s narrative, 
there’s no end to the arguments that "life sucks.

But for me, it’s an indefensible way to live.

When the drums of distress start reverberating throughout the kingdom, 

it’s time--for me at least--to get up and look around, to see what else is happening?
To remind myself that this galaxy in which I live, one of a gazillion galaxies, has hundreds of billions of stars and enough gas and dust to make hundreds of billions more.

I remind myself that because of my connection to this expanding, cosmic mystery, 

I also have the responsibility to create new things, things that were not there the day before.

Looking for the love beat beneath the dominant melody and creating something that does not yet exist is the best way I know to rule the kingdom of my mind.


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