It is an inside job 100%

What if there is nothing wrong with your body?
What if your body wasn't the problem?
What if there is soo much more possible then you've ever imagined possible?

What would you choose if you were to create your body
and your life?

Be inspired and watch this video about doctors worldwide who share testimonials and their
own stories about the effect of our perspective. Life can be as easy as we choose it to be. 


Quote from the video: 

"There is no technique or therapy at German New Medicin and that is specifically so that
are not getting into conventional medicine or other conventional practices. Because that
is absolutely not what GNM or German Health Knowledge is. 

This is about knowing what healing is.

It’s about understanding nature and how our bodies really work and how our psyche and
brain and body are all one thing that’s responding in a certain way. It is very different from
what is learned in most actual therapies or techniques. Where you’re learning a mechanistic
sort of go and fix the body because it is not working right kind of an approach.

German Health Knowledge is very very different from that.

So, the way that you embrace this, is exactly how dr. Hamer did. Which is that you learned
it by doing it, you learn it experientially. That’s gonna take time and so give yourself the
time you need for that. 


1. You wanna notice something happening: “Oh, waaw there is a twinge or there is a
thought brr..” You know.. you notice a symptom in your body.

2. The next step is you have to do, is you have to override all those therapies and techniques
that you have been learning about all your life. You have to override your idea that cleary
a germ got into you and is somehow just wreaking havoc just to be nasty. You have to
you already knew.

3. You have to go to this quite receptive: “What’s going on, what’s just happened? What
is this, do I feel warm or cold? 
What is really happening? That takes time and practice. 


So study, listen to stories.. go read testimonials, read all the blog posts you can find
and watch all the videos. And then practice, practice, practice.. so that’s how Dr. Hamer
discovered the 5 biological laws. And that’s how you can too.

We are not in any real danger of treading on to other professions if we do that. 
We also can
work with them, we can all share and make a synenergy out of this. 
Because the medical
and other professions have standards of care, they have a ‘protected’ acts. For example:
a medical doctor diagnoses treats and gives medical advise or therapy.

We simple don’t
do that with GNM. 

We don’t go to someone else and say: “Pay me and I will fix your foot
for you.” So there is no danger of crossing over but we do have to remember:

It is not a therapy or a technique. It is not outside in. 

It is an inside job 100%  

I hope that helps."


                                German Healing Knowledge Global Summit 2021

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What about you?
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